protective measures

Valid from 13 September 2021

Seminar room: In our hula school a certificate is not required because we are a closed group of under 30 people that train/dance together on a regular basis.

Without a certificate, you must wear a mask.

Rules for Bären Laupen: A certificate is required for the restaurant, that is, without a certificate you cannot eat at the restaurant nor in the seminar room. However, eating in the garden is possible.


You can only attend class without cold symptoms.


Contact data: The contact data of all people attending will be registered. If necessary, this data can be given to the authorities for contact tracing.


Rules on hygiene by the Federal Office of Public Health des BAG
• Wash and disinfect your hands regularly
• Air out the rooms regularly and thoroughly.
• Keep your distance: We keep a distance of 1.5m at all times including when we dance.

We change in the seminar room and then deposit our street clothes in the changing room. Hand and surface sanitizers as well as extra masks will be provided.